This article describes the installation of a custom ROM without Google Services on an Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Installing a custom ROM on your Android devices has a lot of advantages such as being able to get root. This allows ad-blocking, modifying how the system works, etc.

To install a custom ROM you...

A short tutorial on how to register emoji domains

Emoji domains are all the rage at the moment.

Sadly, or maybe for the better, .com, .net, and .org TLDs won't allow the use of emojis as it is agains rule IDN2008 set in action by the ICANN in 2010. The background is to prevent a thing calles hom...

A short trick on how to diable the F1 invoked help screen

To disable the help pane, simply rename it's .exe file in the windows system folder.

As suggested on Microsofts TechNet by user Teemo Tang, the simplest solution would be to rename the file HelpPane.exe found in the %SYSTEMROOT% direct...

Origami hat mich schon länger fasziniert. Allerdings bin ich immer wieder erstaunt, was alles möglich ist.