After searching high and low for a password manager that will let me store the passwords on my own server and some hassles using other password managers, I found Enpass. Enpass will excel where other password managers fail. My requirements were 1) no monthly fee 1) Android app 1) Windows app 1) Firefox extension 1) Syncing with my own server, no cloud 1) Ease of use and reliable, after all, if I were to put all my passwords in there and maybe even change all my passwords to long gibberish strings that only my password manager would know, it better be easy and error-resilient

Before, I tried several other pm like

  • PassManager (a PHP driven webapp that will run on my server, had a browser extension but had no good user experience and was very cumbersome to use)
  • KeePass (a good and solid choice, recognized by many users, but had a ugly interface and could not directly sync but rather had to have the database file to be synced by other means)
  • Clipperz (a relatively new concept using only js encryptions libraries and running in the browser. I considered this but decided against it because it felt not safe enough. This is probably more a feeling than anything else, but trust is an emotion, right)

Enpass does all I need:

  • Windows and Android apps (also iOS, Linus and macOS clients are available)
  • Syncs via ownCloud or WebDAV (I use WebDAV)
  • Option to sync to a myriad of online services like Dropbox or Google Drive (I don't use this functionality)
  • Has browser extensions for all major browsers

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