Software Compendium

Hier ist eine Liste von kostenlosen Programmen, die ich über die Jahre hinweg gesammelt habe. Dieser Post ist mehr als Referenz für mich gedacht, als alles andere, aber vielleicht hilft sie ja jemandem.

Ich nehme gerne weitere Software hier auf.


Software Name Download URL Status Description
Audio converter
LAME Free Codec for MP3 de/encoding
CDex Tool to rip music CDs to harddisk
ExactAudioCopy Tool to rip music CDs to harddisk
GermaniX Transcoder Universal transcoder
DJ Software
Mixxx Very advanced DJ set software
Pacemaker Editor Mix software and library
Zulu Freeware Free version with reduced functionality (non-commercial)
Audio editors
Audacity Best open source audio editor
Free Audio Editor Windows 7 style audio editor
Audio management
MP3 Gain Set the normalized level for MP3 files
MP3val Check audio files for consistency
AudioShell Very nicely integrated ID3 Tag editor for Windows Explorer (XP only?)
ID3-TagIT Very good ID3 Tag editor
MP3Tag Good ID3 Tag editor
MusicBrainz Picard Community driven music tagger with fingerprinting and search!
Audio player
AIMP Winamp-like audio player
MusicBee iTunes replacement - VERY good
MusicCube iTunes clone - very lightweight
Jaangle iTunes clone - with "guess the artist" games, etc.
DoubleTwist "iTunes for Android"
Tor Anonymity online!
Chrome Best browser, by google
Chromium Free and open-source base for the chrome browser
CD Burner XP Very nice burning software
InfraRecorder Also good burning proggie
ImgBurn Specifically for images
AutoGK DivX/XdiV Backup of DVDs
DVD43 Free DVD decrypter (AnyDVD clone)
FreeDVDdecrypter Self explanatory
DVDflick Free DVD authoring
DVD Identifier Identify DVD manufacturer and discover other information
DVD shrink Compress DVDs (double layer -> single layer) or remove unneeded content
RipIt4Me Script to help with the ripping of DVDs
DVDstyler Free DVD authoring
IfoEdit Modify Ifo Files
PgcEdit Edit Menus and other DVD content
FixVTS Modify DVDs for the use with other DVD programs
Vobblanker Edit DVD contents
Calibre All in one solution for ebooks
LockNote Secure encrypted text files
Notepad++ Free and Open Source Editor - recommended
Metapad Small Notepad replacement
Notepad2 Another Notepad replacement
µTorrent Tiny and fast bittorrent client
JDownloader All you can get download manager
FlashGet Free download manager
NcFTP Small tools for FTP management
FileZilla Best free FTP client
Cyberduck Universal File Transfer client
DropUpload Upload files via drag and drop
Miscellaneous graphic tools
AscgenDOTnet Image to ASCII Art converter
ColorPic Windows colorpicker
Passbild Generator ID pictures from images
Picturenaut HDRI editor
Rasterbator Poster from images
Eyedestructor Create Stereogrmms (Original download unavailable)
StereoMaker Create Stereograms
DAVID Create 3D models
Gmask Image masking tool
Image editors
PhotoFiltre Image editor
Artweaver Freeware for basic image editing
PaintDOTnet Windows Paint "successor"
GIMP The Gimp - multiplatform image editor
Elements+ ATTENTION: NO FREEWARE but a nice addition to the low-cost brother of photoshop
PhotoLine ATTENTION: NO FREEWARE but a nice image editor
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Basic image editing for free
Fotografix Image editor
Hornil StylePix Image editor
Exif Management
GeoSetter Set geo-location for images
iTag Tag images and videos
PhotoME Image Metatag editor
Amok Exif Sorter Sort images by metadata
ExifTool Command-line Exif tool
Pro Photo Tools Microsoft Pro Photo Tools for editing metadata
JPEG & PNG Stripper Remove Exif Data from JPEG and PNG files
Icon & Cursor Editor
IcoFX Icon editor
AniTuner Mousecursor editor
Photo Morphing
FotoMorph Free photo morph
Popims Animator Photo morphing
WinMorph Very useful and advanced morphing software
Mosaic software
Andrea Mosaic Free usage but needs referencing
MosaicDOTnet Development stopped?
FotoMosaikEdda Freeware
Hugin OpenSource panorama stitcher
Microsoft ICE Image Composing Editor Advanced Panorama Stitcher
PanoTools Toolbox for Panorama creation
Vector graphics
Inkscape Free vector based editor
Google SketchUp Free 3D modeling
Blender 3D model creation
ArtOfIllusion 3D editor
Image viewer/management/sorting
ImageSorter Sort images by color
Imagine Picture viewer with editing capabilities
Picasa Image management suite by google
Pictomio Photomanagement
Viewer2 Organize photos (development stopped?)
XnView Image viewer and editor
Irfanview Image viewer and editor
EZThumb Easily create thumbnails the quick way
SmillaEnlarger Advanced image enlargement
PhotoTools Adobe Photoshop plugins
RAW converters
RAWtherapee RAW picture editor
Adobe DNG converter Convert RAW pictures to DNG (Digital negative)
Defraggler Free defragging
DiskDefrag Free defrag program
Eraser Very good secure eraser
HDD Erase Secure HDD erasing
Easeus Partition Manager Free tool for basic partitioning
Miscellaneous harddisk tools
Linux Reader Reads Linux file systems under windows
Map Drive Access Linux disks by drive letter
MBRtool Manipulate harddisk MBR via bootdisk
CDmage Extract all kinds of image files
DeamonTools Lite Virtual Drive emulation
GHO Explorer Explorer for Norton GHO files
IsoPuzzle Read scratched CD/DVD
RawWrite Tools for writing Floppy Images
Vfd Virtual Floppy Drive Write and read to and from floppy images
Fdrawcmd Manipulate floppy disks
Digsby Very good multimessenger
Nimbuzz Multimessenger with video and audio chat
Miranda IM Open free and extendable messenger
Skype Messenger with video and audio chat
KVIrc Free IRC client
Smuxi cross-platform IRC client
ICQ tools
ICQ Tools Various tools to check, modify, convert the ICQ software
ICQ Banner remover Removes advertisement from ICQ client
Wireshark Network protocol analyzer
Ettercap Network protocol logger
Nmap Network analyzer
LanTopolog Display the structure of a LAN
Merx Network Scanner Display Network information
3D Tracerouter Traceroute visualizer with 3D display
The Dude Network management and display
Advanced Remote Info Remotely gather PC information
NetSpeed Monitor Display transmission rates
NetView Topology viewer
VPN clients
ShrewVPN VPN client
EvilClient Replacement GUI for Cisco Client (needs Cisco background service)
Netstumbler Find WLAN networks
inSSIDer WLAN finder
Aircrack WLAN key decrypter
Routercontrol Control your router
FreeMind free mind mapping
InfoRapid Knowledge Map Freeware
Mindraider Free professional software for information organization
Information Management
Essential PIM Personal information manager
Knowledge Workshop Information management
LexiCan Very good information organizer
MemoMaster Information manager
Scribble Papers Note tracking app
10 Finger System
Zehn-Finger-Test Learn machine writing
Word processor
AbiWord Word processor with many features
FoilPresenter Present song texts or other files to a large audiences
Impressive (KeyJNote) Convert PDF files to presentations
Pointofix Virtual text marker and annotation tool
Converber Convert units
Karen's Calculator High precision calc
GraphCalc Advanced graphical calculator
MyMicroBalance Household balancing for free
Ahnenblatt Freeware for genealogy sheet creation
MS Office Tools
Remove Hidden Data Removes hidden data from 2003 or XP document versions
RibbonCustomizer Customize the Ribbon in Office 2007
UBitMenu Classic office menu for Office 2007 (ribbon)
Office Compatibility Pack Open new versions of Office documents with older Office versions (2003, XP)
PowerPoint Plex Display Presentations as one large desktop like surface
OLK Finder Tries to recover accidentally deleted files from Outlook
7-zip Universal Archiver
IZarc Another packer
ZIP Repair Repairs broken ZIP files
Foxit Reader Alternative PDF reader
Cool PDF Reader Lightweight PDF Reader
PDF creator Create PDF files through printing
Bullzip PDF Printer Create PDF files
PDF Unlocker Removes certain PDF restrictions
PDF Crack Password Removal for PDF files
Digital Image Recovery Restores Photos from Flash Cards
Pandora Recovery Restores data
PC Inspector File & Smart Recovery Different Tools for the recovery of data
Recuva File restoration
Restoration Restorer
TestDisk Multiplatform Restore Utility
Undelete+ Undelete your files
Flash Drive Tester Tests USB Drives
FreeSSHd Free SSH client
KpyM Telnet/SSH Server Telnet and SSH Server for Windows
WinSCP SFTP, FTP and SCP client for windows
Putty Telnet, SSH, SCP, SFTP client
Synergy Share mouse and keyboard on different computers
Win2VNC Share mouse and keyboard on two different PCs
TightVNC VNC server/client
UltraVNC VNC server/client
WinLIRC LIRC client (IR Remote) for Windows
ZeroRemote Remote Desktop application
InputDirector Manage multiple computers from remote
iTALC Remote tool developed for education and teaching
TeamViewer Multiplatform remote desktop application recommended
ChrisControl Tools for helping connect to remote servers
Image Processing
ImLab Scientific Image processing
ImageJ Java image analysis and creation tool
VirtualLab Microscope training and analysis
TinyQuant Mini Tool for gel image analysis (biochemistry, biology)
Molbio MB DNA analysis Free DNA analysis software
ChemSketch Molekule drawing suite
MDL Chime Display 3d molecule (being phased out in favor of Jmol)
Jmol Open-Source 3d molecule viewer
Symyx / ISIS Draw Free molecule sketching
PyMol Open-Source molecule display - recommended
Chemistry Add-In for Word Helps drawing molecules in word files
Cn3D Browser add-in that displays molecule files
-Life32 Advanced Conways Game of Life simulator
Appomatox Math tool for college students
Deadline Free equation solver with graphical support
HEXelon MAX 6 Very good calculator
MathTrax Middle and high school math tool
qCAD multi-platform CAD software (Community edition is free)
Das Planetarium Freeware planetarium software
Stellarium Best free planetarium software
medical images
neuroinspire lite MRT data display tool
3dview Free medical image viewer
TTTon Sound wave simulator
Vspectrum Determine speed of bypassing engines by their sound
Burninwave White and pink noise generator for audio equipment burn-in
Gmer Rootkit detection and removal
PAVARK Panda anti-rootkit
RootkitRevealer Finds rootkits unter windows xp
adware, spyware, malware
HijackThis spyware, malware, rootkit detection
Ad-Aware Anti virus and anti-spyware
Spybot S&D Search and Destroy Anti-malware, anti-spyware
ThreatFire Free version with anti-malware protection
AVAST Free antivirus
Avira AntiVir Free anti-virus
ClamWin Open-Source antivirus
Microsoft Security Essentials Free from Microsoft
Windows 7 Firewall control Controls the internal firewall of Vista, XP and Win 7 - very lightweight
Comodo Firewall Free firewall application
Toucan Free portable sync tool
DirSync Good and customizable sync tool
SyncMe Syncs your files
Don't Sleep Prevent Sleep/Hibernation/Shutdown
CCleaner Cleans your temp files and unused data
CCEnhancer Adds more functionality to CCleaner
SystemNinja Cleans your system of clutter
ClearProg Cleans browser history and other traces
Revo Uninstaller Removes software more thouroughly
Windows 7 Little Tweaker Tweaks for Windows 7
7GMode Activates GodMode in Windows 7
XPY Windows XP tool for tweaking hidden settings
XP-Antispy Disables windows xps phone-home functions (also win 7 compatible)
TweakMe Tuning software for XP, Vista and Win7
GameXP Optimizes your Windows XP for gaming
Glary Utilities Award winning (tuneup like) utilities for xp, vista,7
SEconfig XP Security configuration for Windows XP
CTFMon remover Removes the ctfmon.exe
DefaultMail Set the default email software under windows xp
XPsyspad Advanced control panel with access to "hidden" tools (windows xp)
Autoruns See what software starts at system launch
CamStudio Free Desktop recording
WinAVI video capture Record from video sources
CaptureFlux Video stream recording
ASFRecorder Capture ASF streams
FLVstreamer Open-Source FLV RTMP streamer
StreamBox VCR Record all kinds of video streams
SDP Downloader Download MMS MMST MMSU streams
video databases
DiscLib Disc management
MBase2 Very good Movie Management (Beta version is free)
MovieOrganizer Move database
MediathekView Manager for german television archives
OnlineTVRecorder Decoder software for .otrkey files
TV-Browser Free tv guide software
Free Guide TV Multiplatform Tv guide
SopCast Receive TV program over internet
VirtualDub Movie cutting, joining, demuxing
VideoSpin Pinnacles free video editing software
SubtitleWorkshop Create and edit Subtitles
Nandub DivX encoder
Handbrake Multiplatform encoder
MP4box edit, encode, decode mp4 files
YAMB Yet another MP4Box UI
SUPER Multi-encoder
MakeMKV Create Matroska files from DVD and Blu-Rays
FormatFactory Multi-encoder
TMPGEnc Not free but 30 day trial version
DivFix Rebuilds DivX index
GSpot Media information reader
MediaInfo Shows information about video files
AtomicParsley Read and write video metadata
MetaX Windows MP4 movie tagger for windows
GOMplayer nice video player
VideoLAN The best multiplatform video player
MPlayer Control GUI for MPlayer
Miro Open-source video player
LuxAndBlink Log into windows with webcam
CamAlert Webcam surveillance
Fwink Opensource Webcam software
AbelCam Free webcam software
AvaCam All the features you need
CamSaver Your webcam image as a screensaver
DoCaWa Very nice piece of webcam software
Free Internet Cam Own Webcam server
MJPEG Surveillance Successor of SecureCam
Secure Cam Simple Webcam utility
Senriska Nice webcam software
Webcam2000 Free webcam software with upload etc.
Yawcam Yet another webcam software
WebCamMonitor Intrusion detection
Webcam Diagnostic Webcam not working? Try this
HTTrack Website copier
AIDeX Webserver Mini-Webserver
Mongoose Simple webserver
NAN-Webserver Small webserver
Server2Go Apache, MySQL, PHP all bundled and ready to go
KompoZer WYSIWYG Webeditor (Frontpage replacement)
Wikiserver Simple server specially designed for wiki like applications
HFS HTTP File Server - very useful
XAMPP Webserver package, MySQL, PHP, Apache bundled
jAlbum Create webalbums the easy way
eXtraButtons Additional buttons in the windows bar for transparent windows etc.
HTCHome HTC style Weather and Clock widgets for windows (also metro style available)
Gmail Backup Backup your Gmail Account, just in case
DONT diable screensaver, etc. on the fly via systray
Extended Clipboard 2 Clipboard helper
NetSetMan Change network settings on the fly
White Noise Sleep System Plays chilling samples to help you sleep better
Sweet Dreams Timer for your audio volume
JPEG Saver Windows Screensaver that displays JPEG pictures
CD-Bremse Set the speed of DVD/CD drives and reduce noise


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